Painting of three horses framed by trees and the name of the site, Cypress Run Farm.

Collage of pictures taken at the farm.

New Year's Horses

The New Year is about believing and planning for the Future.  My New Year 's resolution has 4 legs (actually 8, because Momma 'Mariah' is included in the package).

For quite a while now I have been living with the unwelcome recognition that Chloe, the Beautiful, 'Love of my Life' is getting old.  She is about 25 now and like me she has joint and vision issues, not to talk about the hot flashes:(!!  For her those come out as bouts of Anhydrosis.

So, for the last few months, I have thought about starting to look for my 'last horse for this life'. I am saying that because my horses on average live for 30 years, by then I am 82 , I will replan from there.

As God or Fate (whatever you want to call it) operates, unforeseen circumstances brought those two into my life just when I did not expect it.  I received a phone call that my wayward Beagle, Daisy, had been picked up at Wakulla Station by a good Samaritan.  I guess the Beagle, senile and deaf as a doorknob, had doodled up to the road, and somebody in need of a hunting dog thought they found one, but unloaded her miles away from her home due to lack of talent. (Nice going whoever you are!)

The Lady who had called me, Ms. Bonnie of 'Cauzican Animal Rescue', brought me to her place to get the 'wayward Daisy'.  The number of animals this woman takes care of stunned me.  She deserves a Halo!  It had started to rain again when I spotted the mare peeking out of her spacious dry shelter at me, and around her feet woozled this brown little something, forever eager to catch a drop or two of milk from her scrawny mother's body.  The mare had been brought to Bonnie 2 weeks earlier and had her foal a few days after her arrival.

Well, I visited daily for a week with those two and yesterday, December 31st, brought them to Cypress Run Farm to live.

Novah explores her new home. Mariah and Novah explore their new home.
Novah moving towards her mother in order to feed. Novah gets some milk from her mother.

The pair quickly captured all of our hearts, humans and horses alike, particularly some of the mares who, at some point in their lifes had Foals of their own.  The mares spent the day trying to touch the Baby, the hay spread out for them remained untouched save for the 3 Geldings and 32 year old Ony who never had a Baby. Two of the mares, Wild fire and Shekeinah, pined loudly for the little one, frantically circling the pen, which makes me think that they probably lost foals before due time.

Shekeinah checks out Novah and Mariah.
Everyone comes to see the new horses.

Mariah, the Momma is months away from not looking like a bone collection as she currently is.  All the nutrition she can gobble up will go to her little daughter 'Novah Mirabelle' (Latin for 'the New, the Wondrous, the Beautiful') but their future looks bright having a 'forever home' with us. Their presence brings new spirit and joy to our place and into our hearts!

Face view of Mariah.

Novah kicking up her heels!
So glad you joined our lives, Mariah and Novah!

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